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Glamdring - the blade of the King of Gondolin

R T0 the C0RE: What's Gandalf's sword called? I heard it once but forgot. ^^;
BohemianJAVA2: Glamdring!
R T0 the C0RE: Thanks
BohemianJAVA2: that's an awesome sword
R T0 the C0RE: ^^; Those things are just so hard to spell ^^;
BohemianJAVA2: oh, I forgot to go off on my ravenous fanboy Glamdring discourse
R T0 the C0RE: XD!
R T0 the C0RE: ^_^
BohemianJAVA2: not only did it become the blade of Gandalf the Grey during the Quest of Erebor
R T0 the C0RE: Make a post on the community
R T0 the C0RE: :-)
R T0 the C0RE: I think if we get a discussion going people will come
BohemianJAVA2: but it was in fact the blade once borne by Turgon, King of the ancient kingdom of Gondolin!
R T0 the C0RE: =D
BohemianJAVA2: oh yeah, good idea
R T0 the C0RE: Ohhhh
R T0 the C0RE: :D

Early in the first age, Turgon, son of Fingolfin High King of the Noldor Elves, was led by Ulmo Lord of the seas to a valley called Tumladen which was hidden from the sight of friend and foe alike by the Encircling Mountains. There Turgon founded the great city of Gondolin, and to ensure its safety, the King decreed that anyone who might somehow find the Hidden City would not be permitted to leave. The city prospered for close to four hundred years before it was betrayed by Maeglin* (Turgon's nephew by his sister Aredhel and the Dark Elf Eöl), and the Fall of Gondolin was brought on by the forces of Morgoth. When the blade Gandalf found in a troll-hoard during the Quest of Erebor (the quest in which Bilbo Baggins played a part) was brought before Elrond, the Master of Rivendell identified it as the very blade of King Turgon, now dead many thousand years! Even in the eons after Turgon had wielded the sword in the Wars of Beleriand, the orcs of the Dark Lord trembled at any utterance of its name, and the Grey Wizard bore it for the remainder of that quest and into the War of the Ring.

*Maeglin was captured by the spies of Morgoth, so...
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